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Applying online mediation experience and in-person expertise to resolve conflicts in the family, the community and the workplace

As a trained, professional mediator, I seek to facilitate meaningful and respectful conversations to resolve disputes and move clients on with their lives. My practice includes divorce mediation, elder care decision making, community and neighbor disputes, conflict coaching, collaborative practice, family and parental planning, personal relationship mediation, and workplace matters. 

David Louis, MPA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Mediation Services Suited to the Current Moment

For mediators as for other service professionals, the global pandemic has required greater use of online resources. With the gradual opening up of face-to-face businesses, David Louis will continue to offer BOTH traditional in-office meetings for dispute resolution AND accessible online services.

Working with David, clients can be confident they will be receiving help from someone who has many years experience offering mediation services in both environments. David makes sure clients are at ease in whichever circumstance they choose.

“Despite the recent ‘shelter-in-place’ orders, my work (based in Chicago but also serving clients in New York) has continued unimpeded by video conference, using the Zoom video platform, which is user friendly and can be accessed from computers, tablets and smart phones.”

—David Louis, MPA, CDFA

Contact David for all your mediation needs.

A Compassionate Mediated Divorce 

With civil, constructive conversation David Louis guides couples through the mediated divorce process. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst he will help you formulate reasonable solutions to the financial challenges of separation and divorce, and together you will create a parenting plan to safeguard your children’s future. For more information about divorce mediation, see

Another Option—Relationship Mediation

If you are struggling in your relationship but want to try to work things out and stay together, David Louis can apply many of the same mediation principles to help you resolve financial, communication and child-rearing issues. Contact David to explore this option.