September 9, 2017

Mediation Services

Mediation Saves Pain, Stress, Time and Money…

Through mediation you’ll create a divorce or separation solution that works for everyone.

Separation or Divorce is a Life-Changing Experience, but there is a future ahead.

“Divorce mediation gives both of you the opportunity to make your own fair and reasonable decisions without the cost and anguish of going to court.” – David Louis

Here’s How Mediation Can Help You Take the Next Step:

  • Mediation costs 65-80% less than traditional divorce – leaving more money for future needs.
  • Mediation allows you to make your own decisions – giving you more control over your future.
  • Children of divorced parents do better long-term when the process was handled through mediation.
  • The mediation process is less stressful than litigated divorce.

I’m here for you at a time when you most need support. I will work with you to make your divorce as easy, painless, and peaceful as possible. My goal is to help you move toward an uncontested divorce and separate lives by focusing on meaningful dialogue, equitable sharing of resources, and the overall well-being of your children.

Divorce mediation makes sense – even when children are not involved. It’s a non-adversarial process for dissolving your marriage respectfully and effectively. I am a trained and experienced mediator who will help you both to shape your own agreements – and move on in planning your future.

The divorce mediation process is less expensive and less time-consuming than traditional divorce negotiations. It also protects you from court-mandated decisions that cannot be easily revised or reversed.

As a skilled and compassionate mediator, I’ll ensure that your discussions remain civil, constructive and balanced. The result: agreements that are reasonable and acceptable to both of you.

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