September 9, 2017


Is Mediation Affordable?

Mediation is an affordable cost option for divorce or separation. David has affordable rates, and his pricing structure is easy to understand.

Mediation is an affordable option for Separation and Divorce.

Since I am not a divorce lawyer, my rates are much lower than those charged by lawyers. Because I believe that everyone should have access to quality divorce mediation services, I keep my rates affordable.

I provide a FREE one hour consultation.  You’ll get to know me, and what you can expect from the divorce mediation process.

The typical divorce mediation can be completed in four (4) to eight (8) hours of mediation time over 2-4 sessions of two hours each.  For couples without children, the mediation time is often less.  There is an additional charge of three (3) to four (4) hours for the preparation of the written document containing your agreed upon decisions.  I will schedule a final meeting to review this written document, at no cost to you.  On average, couples with children will be billed for a total of ten (10) hours, including the preparation of written documents; couples without children are billed on average for six (6) to eight (8) hours.

I offer a sliding fee scale based on my clients’ ability to pay.  My standard rate is $195 per hour; I have kept my fees low to reflect my philosophy that mediation should be affordable to all.

My clients will typically use an attorney to prepare and file the final legal documents for Separation or Divorce.  I can arrange for these services to be provided by an experienced attorney, saving you time and effort if you so choose.  The cost of a mediated divorce (including these legal fees) is usually much less than an attorney-negotiated, collaborative or litigated divorce.