September 9, 2017


Is Mediation for Me/Us?

For most divorces, Mediation is a better way

When you make the decision to separate or divorce, you have many questions. You also have options. Consider the following:

  • Want to continue an effective parenting relationship with your ex-spouse?
  • Want to minimize attorney fees and maximize financial resources toward creating your separate lives
  • Want to protect your children from the emotional turmoil resulting from divorce battles?
  • Want to avoid resentment and continued conflict with your spouse in the years ahead?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then Divorce Mediation is a smart choice.

Divorce doesn’t have to be an ugly raking over the coals. There are alternatives to litigation — the traditional adversarial process.

Sadly, not everyone knows they have another choice. In fact, many couples who found themselves caught between two attorneys battling out in court would have chosen another option if they knew it was available.

For most divorces Mediation is a better way – and the reasons are significant:

1. Reduced Cost: Using divorce mediators to help you problem-solve and reach agreement is usually much less expensive than attorney-negotiated, collaborative or litigated divorces. In fact, most estimates find mediation to be 65-80% less than the cost of adversarial divorces.

2. Reduced Time: Through mediation, you and your spouse control how much time it takes to finalize your agreement. You avoid the timely process of coordinating court dates and attorney schedules which can drag the divorce out for weeks, months and sometimes years.

3. Increased Control: One of the most dreaded consequences of a litigated divorce is that you turn over your power to a third party – and must then live according to your judge’s mandates! In mediation, you choose what is best for you and your family. Findings show that when both spouses agree on a decision, they are more likely to follow through after the divorce, resulting in a more compatible outcome.

4. Reduced Stress: Divorce is one of life’s most stressful life experiences – for adults and children. Through mediation, you can side-step the negative nature of an attorney-driven divorce. You’re guided in problem-solving, reaching agreement and creating a more harmonious future for everyone in your family – especially your children. The mediation process is more empowering and less stressful – a winning combination during challenging times.

The purpose of mediation is to move your divorce toward the most positive resolution. Divorce mediation can help you side-step the stress and heartache and come away with the blueprint for a more promising future.

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